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Retirement Planning

Spending your money is much different that saving it. Making that change after decades of saving can be challenging and unnerving. You may have changed jobs several times in your career driven by the need to produce income to save, pay off debt, and support your lifestyle. Your income has always come from your work. Now you will no longer work, and your income needs to come from somewhere. Let us guide you in planning your retirement income, whether you have several structured sources, or your income must be derived from your savings.

    • How do you begin to plan for
      • Income
      • Cost of living Increases
      • Asset protection
      • Tax efficiency
      • Estate planning
    • It starts at the beginning by defining three key income needs
      • Got to have – basics of existing, food, shelter, clothing, and transportation
      • Want to have – once you can exist comfortably, what do you want to do in retirement? Family, vacation, hobbies, charity, etc.
      • Legacy - what do you want to leave for the next generations of your family and how to structure it.

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  • Long Term Protection

Expenses for potential in home or nursing facility care can erode savings or redirect income that was designed for taking care of a surviving spouse. Transferring the risk of this expense to an insurance company to protect the wealth you have saved can be essential to planning. Protecting these assets so they are available to your spouse and family can be a surprisingly affordable solution, and should be a consideration of any retirement income plan.

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