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Life Insurance

  • Business

You have worked to create something that is a part of you. How do you protect it for your partners, and family? Whether you are trying to attract or retain key employees, provide additional benefit to those you rely on in your company, or are structuring the legacy of your company with buy/sell agreements, or succession planning we can assist in planning and accessing the tools that work for you.

  • Personal Coverage

Go Fund Me® is not a strategy! Yet the number of memorial funds, to cover for the lack of planning and life insurance coverage is staggering. Let us guide you in finding the coverage that best protects your loved ones.

We can help you in finding the appropriate level of coverage and insurance option. Protecting your family with the assets they need after a tragedy.

        • Debt Payment
        • Income replacement
        • Education expenses
        • Time to adjust to a new reality
  • Long Term Protection

Expenses for potential in home or nursing facility care can erode savings or redirect income that was designed for taking care of a surviving spouse. Transferring the risk of this expense to an insurance company to protect the wealth you have saved can be essential to planning.  Protecting these assets so they are available to your spouse and family can be a surprisingly affordable solution, and should be a consideration of any retirement income plan.