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Income for Life Model

A plan for retirement income requires a long-term strategy. The Income for Life Model® is a strategy seeking to mitigate the following risks to your retirement income.

    • Market volatility
    • Need for cost of living Increases
    • Running out of money before you run out of time

Rather than the old way of having a diversified mix of investments and hoping for the best which has risks of its own. The income model segments your money into when you will spend it, understanding that the money you need early in retirement needs to be less volatile since you have less time before spending it. The money you do not need until later in retirement can benefit from volatility and exposure to growth in the markets. No strategy can guarantee results and being forced to sell when the market is down to provide income can accelerate the decline in value of your accounts. Pulling money from a more stable choice of investments for income helps to fend off this decline during poor performing markets.